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Our Mission

Women (i.e. people that identify with womanhood) in the agricultural sciences are stigmatized, underrepresented, and discriminated against. In fact, they are still faced with unequal pay. Women in science working in academia, industry, and government agencies, are essential contributors to agriculture around the globe. Yet, they are not completely recognized. It is imperative to share their stories in order to improve their work environment, support them through guidance, and provide resources that benefit their career journey. Our mission, as an organization, is to give visibility to women's roles in the agricultural sciences by sharing their journey, successes, and obstacles. 


The Women in Agriculture Science organization also strives to build a supportive community by empowering, educating, and connecting women. We aim to accomplish this by reaching out to women from different fields of the interdisciplinary science of agriculture. We also aim to identify the different disciplines, careers, resources, and network opportunities within agriculture sciences. Moreover, we seek to further educate the general public about the importance of agricultural sciences and women representation. 


Representation matters. We stand up for inclusion and encourage women to raise their voice and become an advocate for transparency in any way possible. We achieve this by visualizing the diversity of women in the agricultural sciences. We are calling for support, taking action, and inspiring others to become Women in Agriculture Science. 


We invite all women, colleagues, LGBTQ+ members, minorities, and people with disabilities to support each other. Our science, work, and commitment should be recognized.

Join us!

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